Aromatically RAW


We all know why raw food is healthier. Cooking destroys valuable nutrients like all the enzymes that we need to digest food. Enzymes are our life force. Cooking also destroys half the protein in food and all of the heat-sensitive vitamins. It’s a fantastic way to lose excess weight and to feel and look younger even as we age.

But how many people have the perception that they couldn’t possibly eat this way because it would be boring to sit down to a plate of lettuce every night?

Aromatically Raw will show you how easy it is and not only easy but super delicious, thanks to the addition of top-grade culinary essential oils. Impress your friends and family and stay on the diet while resisting the temptation to go back to eating addictive bread, pasta, dairy, meat etc. 133 original recipes using ..... different essential oils.

Since most people die of degenerative disease these days and not old age how wonderful would it be to reach 60 + and be without pain and on no medications? I am  walking proof of that. At 64 years of age I do not suffer from headaches, depression, arthritis or any degenerative disease. It’s 35 years since I took an aspirin. The only drugs in my system are from dental anesthesia occasionally. You too can be liberated from the endless cycle of medications, doctors and death induced by iatrogenic disease, especially on a vegan diet. A warm welcome to the world of aromatically raw!




Exciting new ebooks about to emerge into the raw food world!

Learn how to make outrageously delicious raw vegan food that explode in your mouth with a taste sensation of an intensity you have probably never experienced in your life!

For those local to Tweed Shire, NSW, you can buy my raw vegan cakes here.